Whether it is matter of classic electrical installations or it is about professional cabling of all kinds, networking or assembly of distribution box: Our qualified electricians, electrical installers, technicians or mechanical engineers take care of high quality and careful work in the electrical and construction industries. From the complete house cabling to assembly, installation of water meters, conduits, heating pipes - our employees always do first-class work. They are equipped with all necessary credentials.

We realize various construction, bricklaying, painting works of various kinds and volumes according to the needs of the clients. Welding is also among our favourite activities. Commercial centres, industrial buildings, business premises, schools, hospitals, private companies are among our clients.

Why choose us

  • Many years of experience
    works in Scandinavia and Central Europe
  • Individual process
    adapted to your needs
  • Applicant research
    skills, personality and motivation
  • Database of employees
    only the right ones are selected for you

Our vision of successful company

We are a dynamic subcontractor who believes that every success of a company is backed by skilful and bright people. The rule is simple. By employing suitable and professional applicants, you are automatically offering your customers quality-oriented services. Thus, you directly support the growth of your company, which of course is at the highest level. The most important pillar of a successful company is a reliable, motivated, loyal and satisfied employee.

How we work

1. Tell us your concrete idea of the ideal employee.

  1. Which position do you want to get occupied?

  2. Which work experience does the candidate have to dispose of?

  3. How many years of experience are required?

  4. Is a professional qualification required?

  5. What level of language skills should the candidate master?

  6. What particulars should a candidate meet?



2. According to your request, we start with the search for qualified candidates.

What helps us with the search?

  1. Large database of our verified candidates.

  2. Many years of experience and practice in the relevant field.

  3. Active search of applicants using guaranteed marketing strategies.

  4. Professional interviews conducted by our qualified staff.

  5. We not only check the previous work experience of the applicants, but also their expertise. In addition, we are interested in the ambitions and future plans of each candidate.



3. The list of the most suitable applicants will be sent to you.

  1. You will receive all CVs and any existing references.
  2. The advantage of the last decision. The final YES or NO is just up to you.


We offer

  • Our employees
    for you according to measure
  • Selection procedure
    completely guaranteed
  • Daily cooperation
    we are at your service every day and ready to help with any problems
  • Coordination of our employees
    on every project

What you get

  • Time savings
    when looking for employees
  • Quality guaranteed
    secured by our employees, who bring satisfaction to you
  • Cost reduction
    in relation to employees
We help you with the realization of your projects.
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